Blue Stain Pine Wood Slab 51″ x 10 3/4″ x 3/4″


Blue Stain Pine Wood Slab


51″ length

10 3/4″ width

3/4″ thick

Top of the line quality Blue Stain Pine lumber. Our beautiful blue stain pine is locally sourced from hazard trees removed by a local tree service in Southern Oregon. Frison-Logue Hardwoods mills and kiln dries all blue stain pine locally. The kiln drying process guarantees wood is sterilized and free from insects.

What makes the lumber blue?
The blue stain in the lumber is a common result of the sapwood being affected by a microscopic fungus. The result is a beautiful blue coloring to the wood. The strength of the wood is not affected.

All wood at Frison-Logue Hardwoods is acquired from urban salvage trees, road clearing projects or hazard tree removals. Our goal is to preserve and reuse beautiful wood.
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