Cedar Wood Bundles | 2 ft. and 4ft. lengths | Kiln Dried


Custom Milled and Kiln Dried Cedar Board Bundles

DIMENSIONS of boards:
24″ (2 ft.) or 48″ (4 ft.) – length
5 3/4″ – width
3/4″ – thick

Choose a bundle of Cedarwood boards that are custom milled and kiln-dried from urban tree removals in Southern Oregon. You may choose a bundle of 2 boards, 3 boards or 4 boards and choose the length of 2ft or 4ft. These boards have been carefully selected and planed on both sides (lightly sanded). The edges have been left original for a rustic look and charm. These boards are perfect for shelving or DIY home improvement projects.

All wood at Frison-Logue Hardwoods is sourced from urban tree removals and we take pride in providing a new purpose for wood that usually ends up in a chipper.