Custom Walnut Table With Hairpin Legs


Custom Crafted Walnut Coffee Table

59” length
29 1/2” width
1 1/2” thick
19 5/8” height from floor

Celebrate the beauty of natural wood with our exquisite custom walnut coffee table, meticulously crafted from solid walnut wood sourced from a salvaged urban tree removal in Southern Oregon. This wider-width table is the perfect addition to any space requiring a substantial centerpiece. Each wood slab undergoes meticulous kiln-drying, ensuring durability and stability, while sturdy steel hairpin legs infuse rustic charm.

Enhanced with black epoxy fills for a seamless finish, this table is coated with a protective natural oil, preserving its allure for years to come. With a smooth surface that accentuates the beautiful walnut wood figure, it effortlessly complements any home décor.

At Frison-Logue Hardwoods, our mission is to celebrate the beauty of natural wood, offering you a timeless piece that embodies both craftsmanship and elegance.