Live Edge Walnut Mantel


Live Edge Walnut Mantel – Kiln Dried

72″ length
10 width (varies with front live edge)
3″ thick

Crafted from exquisite, kiln-dried Claro walnut, our custom milled mantels are ideal for projects requiring a substantial, natural centerpiece. Each mantel features live edge walnut wood, flattened and sanded up to 180 grit for a smooth finish and cut straight across the mounting side. The front edge showcases the natural beauty of the wood, with bark removed to reveal its organic character. Mantels are delivered in its raw state without sealant or oil, however finishing and sealant services are available upon request for an additional fee. It is recommended to consider filling knots, holes or cracks with resin epoxy. Please contact Frison-Logue Hardwoods directly if you would like to discuss additional options.

Please note: Mantel installation hardware is not included.

All wood at Frison-Logue Hardwoods is acquired from urban salvage trees, road clearing projects or hazard tree removals. Frison-Logue Hardwoods teams with Frison Tree Service in Southern Oregon. Our mission is to preserve and repurpose the natural beauty of wood, and we welcome any questions you may have about our products or practices.

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